Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands


Here is a comprehensive list of wedding bands we have worked with over the years, based in the North East / Dublin area

The Shakes

Pat Waller, 4Poece Band. 042-9333431/086-6000313

The Stormers

Ray / Daniel, 4 Piece Band. 087-9030595/087-7425309

The Wildcats

John McCormack, 4 Piece Band. 01-2846824/086-2468215

The Urge

John McCormack, 4 Piece Band. 01-2846824/086-2468215


Steve Cranley, 4 Piece Band. 086 8537070


Tom McGuire, 5 Piece Band. 087-2245636/041-9881011
Taylor Made formerly Odd Time
Brendan Gough, 5 Piece Band. 046-9054264
P.J. Keenan, 3 Piece Band. 046-9077065
The Navan Swing Band
Francis Duffy, 8 Piece Band. 046-9028609/087-9222303
The Glenn Millar Legacy Band
Loui Smith, 14 Piece Band. 041-9838212/087-7974180
Kaye Twins
PaulKaye, 6 Piece Band01-6231200/0868395203